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Some clarifications on the calculated balances


Some BAM users asked me questions about the exact meaning of the current balances shown in the accounts page list and the way it is calculated, let me clarify the way I calculate the two balance amounts visible in the accounts list page :

– The “current balance” is in BAM the balance of the reconciled operations, so the balance of your account when  you reconciled the pending operations.

– The “balance at a date” is , as the name imply, the balance calculated at a specific date and taking in accounts the pending operations that you did not yet reconciled and also the periodic operations, both having a processing date <= balance date

Now, to avoid any confusion , what I will do in the incoming version (v2.6) is to display 3 balances amounts for more clarity :

– Current balance =  Reconciled balance+ pending operations having immediate payment type (processing date is equal to the creation date)

– Real balance =  Current balance+ pending operations having deffered payment type (processing date > creation date)

– The “balance at a date” =  Current balance+all periodic operations created < balance date

I hope it will avoid some confusions and will help you to better estimate your balances 🙂


PS: do not forget that you can see these 3 different balances and their operations when you click on an account to  enter into the account detailed pivot view.


v2.5 is published – v3.00 ?


v2.5 is now published so feel free to report me your comments and bugs you could find – I improved a lot stability and perfs in this build but I don’t think it is yet a free bug app 😉

I start now to think about v3 and improvements and features to add.

Currently in my mind :

– Automatic backup
– .XLS format export
– Imputed operations archive
– automatic synchronization of pending operations between multiple WP7 & BAM  targeting a same synchronization PC : could be interesting for  familly members sharing same bank account and having each WP7 🙂
– Alerts 
– Misc. Statistics & graphics



V 2.5 is ready

I just finished so v 2.5  and will publish it this week

These are the new features and improvements :

– Complete Budget management implementation with possibilty to target  for each new operation an existing  monthly or yearly budget.

– Pwd option

– Include now a Spanish version

– Save/Load of BAM data much faster using binary serialization

– Load on demand of account imputed operations, improving so drastically BAM load time 

– General better UI experience with progressbar usage and global tilt effect to reflect correctly any action

– improved activity logging of Backup/restore


BAM VNext : Overall performances improved !


In my previous post, I mentioned the new features that will be provided in Vnext (2.5).
I almost finished to implement them :

1) I improved drastically the overall app performances !

I improved a lot the response time of all the application and mainly the load & save time of data by changing both  its serialization  mode and the way BAM is loading its accounts.
BAM data are saved now in Binary format and not anymore in XML, so resulting files sizes are much smaller and time to serialize/deserialize is really faster !

Furthermore, this version now load the imputed operations of each account only on demand when you select an account for example.
The result of these changes is that the load time of BAM is drastically reduced and will remained very short even if you have lot of accounts and lot of imputed operations. !

In current verision, some users  reported me that after ~100 created operations it takes few seconds to enter a new one. I can really say now that t will be quite immediate  in V2.5 !
Data Backup/Restore will be made also in binary format so in Vnext with the possibility to still restore import XML if they come from previous versions.

Furthermore, each list is now populated in background and use a progress bar to give a better UI experience.

2) I finished implementing the Budget part 🙂

You will be able so to create a budget in an additional list in the main pivot view. Each budget define a name, a maximum amount and can be weekly, monthly, or yearly type.
Each created budget  in the list will show the max amount allocated and the current reached amount.
You will be able to specify so for each new operation the targeted budget.

3) I provide now the option to specify a pwd  to enter into the App.
Some users suggsted me to add this feature to avoid anyone playing with your phone to access to your bank accounts information.
This option is not enabled by default.

4) I have however to postpone  to V3 the graphics part and automatic backup as I  don’t want to introduce much delay in this Vnext and I considered these features more cosmetic and not critical.

I think to be able to publish this version 2.5 end of this week so stay tuned