Monthly Archives: April 2011

Vnext release approaching


long time I dot not post about BAM but I worked a lot for BAM Vnext on the UI with a BAM user who helped me on the design and I can say now that Vnext will have really a new look which should make the app more readable again and more appealing .

I also implemented the possibility to filter on “Payments” ,”Expenses” or “All” in all lists containing operations, so you will have the possibility to display only the Payments, or expenses or both in the “Pending operations ” or “Periodic operations” lists for example.

I’m still translating the app in German, the last avail WP7 language  not present in BAM, and finally I would like to start implmenatation of some graphics but I don’t know TBH if I will have time to add graphics  before to publish Vnext, my mail goal beeing to publish quickly a new version with new UI and German langue included, but maybe the graphics implmentations wil be quick to do 😉

Please,continue anwyay  to report me your suggestions or bugs you could find

Thanks !