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BAM v4 is ready !!


BAM v4 is now ready to be published 🙂

I look forward to share that version with you on the MP because it brings now a major “group by” feature which allow to group logically all accounts, operations , posts, budgets, payeers/payers,  and filters by lot of different criterias !

I was also suggested to add a notion of “Category” in all BAM lists to group by the items per category so you will be able to define you own categories in v4 for accounts, posts, budgets, filters, and payees/payers.

As you can see below, you can see now in few seconds your operations per week, post, account , etc.. and apply a filter on the operation type (payment, income, or both).
It makes more easy to find operations but also improve drastically  the list item display perfomances (and every developper know that it is currently a big per issue in the current  WP7 version, but which should much improved in Mango)

As you can notice also  in these screenshots, I worked a lot with my designer contributor to improve the interface and make BAM much more attractive again and remenber that BAM continue to support different color themes 😉

Finally I added a cool  feature that allow you to pin the list of operations of a custom filter you created, directly on the main pivot page as an additional list ! 🙂
You can so create any filter you want and see their output like an “out of the box” BAM list :-).

Now, I want also to mention that I did not have yet the time to put in that version some graphs that lot of you suggested me, BUT it will be definitively now my first objective in Vnext, with also the possibility to export BAM data in reusable format, so keep in touch !

I will pusblish next week that version.

Feel free to give me your comments or any suggestions you would have.

Thanks again to use BAM !



Main new feature of VNext : “group by” capability !


I released only two weeks ago BAM v 3.5 and I’m already satified of the main feature that I introduced in vNesx : the possibility to group operations lists by some categories you can select, and instead to start a long explanation about that feature let me show you below some screenshots and you will see immediately the benefit of that new interface :

Feel free to give me your comments on that interface but I think it gives first more space to list items and it allows to group by easely operations per category and fidn them more quickly,  what do you think ?


BAM v3.5 is published !


I’m pleased to inform you that v3.5 is avail now on the MP with the new features below :

– BAM starts faster
– BAM offers now a complete new nice theme to display all list items ! (with the possibility to keep using the old theme).
– Budgets list use now pie charts
– Context menus support
– A new operation can now be geo-located when it is entered (optional)
– New buttons in all operations list to filter each operation on its date and type
– Can now filter the list of reconciled operations on last 12 months

A big thanks  to Chris Baxter, a BAM user who proposed me the new design !

I will wait now for Mango update to update again BAM using the new Mango API and specially the possibility to use the future SQL embeded SQL engine to load/store faster BAM data.

It is also my understanding that Mango update should improve significantly the speed of existing applications and for example the list items binding performance which is , for my part, a big issues in WP7 framework currently; indeed if you design currently a nice list item template  in a WP7 app, you will meet for sure performances problems during the binding source assignment and list scrolling !
To allow fast availability of BAM at startup, I chose so to display the last 6 pending operations, the goal beeing to be able enter as fast as possible pending operations.

I hope you will enjoy this version and as usual feel free to send me your feedbacks, any bug issue you could find or suggestions

Thanks !