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BAM 4.30 coming


I would like to thank you for all your comments I received on BAM v4 : feedbacks, suggestions, errors reported,etc..

I will publish this week V4.30 fixing the issues you reported to me via the new errror reporting mecanism introduced in V4.
This mecanism allow me to reply to you and react very quickly to the issues you could find using the app.
All the issues you reported me since V4.20 are not critical so that is a very good point, but I decided anway to fix them  asap to give you a better experience of the app.

This V4.30 will bring also the possibility to export BAM data in .CSV format; support of other formats are coming.

I will inform you when 4.30 is avail on the MP

Thanks !



BAM V4 – migration to V4 and empty operations list issues fixed


Some of you reported me an issue during the migration of previous version of BAM to V4 and the abscence of operations for a budget,post, filter, or payee/payer  + an unexpected error when applying a filter.

I informed you that I fixed these problems.
Because these two  issues are considered as critical , I published a new version 4.20 which I hope to be available  Monday.

Thanks again for your errors reporting, it allows me to identify and fix them quickly when they are critical;so feel free to continue to send me unexpected errors you could meet.


BAM v4.10 published to fix an issue preventing accounts creation in some configurations


As you may have noticed, I implemented some bug reporting in BAM v4 which allow you to send to BAM support mail alias some unexpected errors.
This feature  allowed me to detect for example an important regression introduced in v4.00 which occured if you modfy all your accounts

I  published so v4.10 which fix that.
I’m really sorry for the generated inconvenience but BAM has to manage now lot of different data configurations (accounts, operations,budget,posts,parties,etc..) and even if I test in depth each updates, some specific configutations can be ignored by my tests.

Don’t hesitate so to send me by mail unpexpected BAM error which are now all catched using the mecanism I implemented in v4, it helps me a lot to identify the root cause.
I will then provide a upgrade (I think in two weeks) fixing all the issues which were reported (but with no additional features).



BAM v4 is published


just this post to inform you that BAM v4 was published today to the MP ! 🙂 (see my previous post  for some screenshots)

Before to upgrade from prev version to v4, I recommend to make a backup of your data to your PC using the integrated BAM backup process.
As usual, each new version of BAM is of course capable to reuse your existing data but because v4 uses a new format, it implements an upgrade statement to upgrade data to the new format and like for all upgrading processes, this statement could fail sometimes for different reasons. Do a backup if possible so before upgrading and then you will be able to restore your data if migration failed.

I hope that you will really enjoy  this version which I think provides a great and powerful “Group By ” feature; it makes indeed the organization of list operations very clear now and avoids to have too many listed operations to scroll.
Furthermore, the possibility to select the “group by” criteria gives a lot of flexibility in this group by capability.

I think you will enjoy also the fast BAM startup time and the global better reactivity of the app and finally the possibility to  pin the operations list of a custom filter on  the main pivot view !  you have so a nice possibility to add your own lists in the UI interface and customize BAM as you want !

Au usual , I will ve very interested to have your feedbacks and  you own suggestions for vNext, I’m very opened to add any suggestions if I estimate that it can give to all BAM users a better experience.

About the vNext versions, I think to provide a new version before Mango update and, as mentioned in my previous post, I will focus on :

– Graphics
– BAM data Export in .CSV and .XLS format (in a first time)

Then I have already some features in mind for the version targeted for Mango:

– Tiles to display dynamic info about some account balances and forthcoming operations
– Tile to open directly a “new pending operation” dialog box from the WP7 home screen
– possility to add alerts and add into the WP7 contacts the payeers/payers
– etc..

Thanks to use BAM !