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Issue creating new operations in Trial version


Several BAM users reported me an error when they try to create a new operation.

I want to clarify that this issue occurs ONLY in the Trial version and was introduced by error in V4.The full versionn does not generate that error but of course I don’t want in any case to push users to purchase it, so if  you want to
test creating new operations in the trial version, there is a workaround :
At BAM startup press  first the account – in the accounts list – that will be targeted
by any new operation you want to create; you will enter then in the account view and then press back to comeback to the main view; then you will be able to create new operations if
they target the account that you pressed before.
I will fix it in the incoming updated version 4.5 available at the begining of August with some new features.

Feel free to contact me – – if these explanations are not enough clear

Sorry again for that issue



BAM Interface : Lists performances much improved in coming V4.4


some of you  reported me that they notice some delays when opening a group of operations when they have lot of operations in a group.
As for me it is important to have a good reactivity in the app to consult our operations , I decided to manage in priority this issue and improve that asap.
I started so to redesigned the list management in BAM and I ‘m happy to inform you that I have already a version of BAM which is much faster now opening groups using lazy listboxes ! 🙂 I have again to finalize yet this version but I will publish it for sure in August.

Now, as all WP7 developers dicovered, listbox scrolling and bindings are two frequent problems  in WP7  development in term of performances; with few items added in a listbox having a richer itemtemplate than a simple textbox ,  the binding operation is indeed  slow and the  scrolling loose  its fluent aspect.
Fortunately, MS took in account this issue  in Mango  😉 and  I can say that scrolling is improved drastically in Mango from what I can see  in my WP7 mango pre-release dev phone. I  tested it indeed a new build of BAM and now scrolling is completly fluent whatever the number of items you have per list and works  “à la” Outlook ! 🙂

Thanks to have reported me so this point and be patient it will be fixed in my August update



BAM V4.3 is available now in the MP – on the road now to Mango !

I hope you will enjoy this version 4.3  which fixes most of the issues you reported to me  via the error reporting mecanism of V4 (thanks a lot for that, it allowed me to fix very quickly you issues !),  formats correctly  amounts in $, and  provides .CSV export feature.
.CSV format is the first export format supported by BAM  but OFX and QIF will come.

I will make now a summer pause in the updates frequency and preparing BAM for Mango ! 😉 I have indeed some interested new features in mind specific to Mango (dynamic tiles, alerts, etc..)

I plan to release in September another update for Pre-Mango WP7 including German language and then a Mango specific version.

Continue please to contact me via BAM support email to raise your questions, sugestions, or any problems you could meet with this version.

Thanks !


BAM v4.3 was published

I just published today BAM v4.3 to the MP so it should be available very soon.

This version fixes all the issues you reported to me via the error mecanism included  in V4 and provides now the possibility to export all your data in .CSV files using a new version of the synchronization BAM PC tool (“BAMSYNC”, see

Feel free to raise me your questions, suggestions, or report me any problems you could meet.

Thanks again to all BAM users who reported me some issues !