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BAM V 5.10 coming

Hello !

“long” time I did not update my blog but I was quite busy with my own job and at same time working updating BAM.

I’m happy to inform you that v 5.10 is finished and should be published end of that week with the fixes and new features below :

– Fixed duplicated budgets bug when pined in the Dashboard
– Fixed exception when operations to remind are detected
– Fixed exception when clikcing on “showing accounts” from an account page
– Fixed problem of decimal separator not visible in the keyboard of the transaction details page for non-US keyboard : entering now a ‘.’ will be considered as a valid seperator even on a non-US language

– New Welcome page using Hub Tiles to have quick access to any BAM list !
– New Metro theme added to the two existing ones
– Existing metro theme re-touched to be better metro-like
– Total of all balances of all accounts visible at the bottom of the Account page (suggested by a BAM user) and in the Dashboard
– Operations to remind are now visible in the back tile of the main BAM tile
– 6 first upcomping operations of an account are now listed in the back of the corresponding tile

Graphics implementation and SkyDrive usage for backup/restore/import/export are in preparation but will arrive in a next version and when SkyDrive API will be officially released

Feel free to continue reporting me your suggestions or errors found so I can include and fixed them asap.

Thanks again to use BAM hoping that my app helps you to better manage your personal finances 😉

BAM Author