Monthly Archives: November 2011

BAM v5.10 is published

Hello BAM users !

I published this week-end v5.10 and I really hope that you will like it !

these are below the new features of that version :

– Welcome screen to give you a quick access to any BAM list including pined filters.

– “Metro” theme becomes the default theme and has been completly redesigned to give a better experience !

–  Currency rate can also be retrieved automatically or manually entered for an account (in previous versions, only transactions could retrieve currency rate)

– A total of all balances of all accounts is now visible in the Accounts list and in the dashboard. This total of all accounts balance takes of course in account the currency  and rate configured for each account

– Filters can display now additional information in the “detailed view”mode like an average of amount, the min expense, the max expense, etc….

– Global or account’s upcoming transactions can be listed now on the back of their corresponding tile.

– Transactions to remind can be  listed now on the back of the main BAM tile.

– A delay can be now configured in BAM settings for transactions to remind

– Transactions reminders are now also created using new Mango API

– BAM settings are now organized per section in a pivot view

– New settings to define upcoming transations and reminders tiles content

– Submit suggestions button

– Detailed FR and US help embedded in BAM in HTML format with a a content table for quick access to topics

– Previous bugs reported fixed

This version should be available in the MP in few days so check your application updates notifications  !

As usual feel free to report me bugs or any suggestions you would like to be implemented