Monthly Archives: December 2011

V 5.20 is ready !


I just finished v 5.20 which provides mainly features that you suggested me :

– BAM is now localized also in German (thanks to Peter, a BAM user, who helped me on that !)

–   SkyDrive implementation for backup/restore/export/import.
you can now so backup or restore very easily all your BAM data to/from SkyDrive just by signing to SkyDrive.
You can also import into BAM any .OFX file uploaded to SkyDrive.

– The Selection page (to select a currency, a payee/payer, a category or a budget) contains now a filter field to list quickly and only the items you want.
This option was suggested by several BAM users to select quickly a payee/payer in a large list

– Some main lists contains also now a filter field to list quickly and only the list items you want based on the item title (or the transaction amount for the transactions lists).
You can so use this  new option to apply a quick filter on most of the main lists

– Each transactions list of a custom filter, payee/payer, category or budget  manages and saves  now its own “group by” criteria. The grouping criteria is so maintained when BAM is restarted

– To unlock faster BAM, the password page puts now the focus on the password field, and the <Enter> key can validate the password entered (suggested by a BAM user)


I have now to  modify the doc and run additional tests and then I will probably publish that version next week-end.


Thanks a lot so for your great suggestions that I found very valuable !

BAM Author