Monthly Archives: January 2012

BAM v5.20 now available in the MP


v5.20 is now available in the MP as an upgrade.

I implemented the support of SkyDrive in that version when we need to backup/restore or import/export but  this version brings also some interesting other features that some BAM users  suggested to me  like the possibility to filter quickly a  Payee, budget, or a post to select for a new transaction, and to filter only some transactions  in the different transactions lists of BAM using their caption or amount.

You can also create now an “investment” account behaving like a cash account in fact where reconciliation is not needed, as opposed to a Checking account (i.e  “Current” acccount).

I mention also that the trial mode of that new version does not limit anymore now the number of transactions to enter but it still displays an adverting control and prevents to have more than two acount ( a Cash account and one more account) and 10 recurrent (periodic) transactions, but except these limitations the trial version is now so fully functionnal.

I hope that you will find these new features useful.

Feel free to ping me to let me know your feedbacks, questions, or suggestions regarding that version.

In the next version I will implement some graphics, this is a long expected feature 😉