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BAM v 6.00 coming !


“long” time  I did not update my blog but I was quite busy working on v6.00 😉

I’m happy so to inform you that v 6.00 is finished and I will publish it probably next week  ! 🙂

These are some of the new features of that version :

– BAM provides now its own hub to dsplay some graphics (.bat, pie, curves)
Each graphic is configurable in terms of data to represent and each filter you created in BAM can be also added in the Graphics Hub

– The new transaction page was a litle bit designed to be more intuitive

– BAM provides now a third list view mode which is some sort of report view when displaying its list items. This mode is useful to display a maximum of items in a page.

– BAM provides now the possibility to add Credit Cards accounts (ex: AMEX CC).
When you create a such account, you will have to specifty a target checking (banking) account which be also credited or debited at reconciliation time.
You can continue of course to choose a Credit card payment type for a checking account but if you have a specific CC account, you can use now so this option.
The  total of pending CC transactions will be displayed per processing date in the pending transactions list or the target account, so you can see quickly the total amount of CC transactions.

– you can choose for each BAM account to either manually reconcile its pending transactions (i.e verify the transactions against your bank receipts or bank web site) or to automatically reconcile each new transaction targeting the account.

– you can now also reconcile your transactions directy inside the view of a BAM account.

– some bugs were also fixed of course in that version, related to the backup/data process (ex: reconcilied transactions were not restored using SKyDrive restore)

I will create a post to annouce its publishing

And many thanks for all your feedbacks and suggestions that you sent me, they  allowed BAM to evolve continously !