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BAM v6.10 coming


just this post to inform you BAM v 6.1 is  quite ready.  I know that this verison comes quickly after v6 but I decided now to fix asap the remaining bugs that  I found, or the onesx you reported to me, and provides quickly a minor update.

I took also the opportunity of that version to  improve the speed of list groups expansion (now immediate  the seccond time  a group is expanded).

I also added more order criterias to sort items in a group, indeed until now the items  were mainly oredered by date only; now you can choose an  order criteria among a list of order criterias, depending of the current BAM list.
This option gives you again more flexibility to customize as you want  the list items display !

I will publish next week this build

As usual, continue to conatct me for sugegstions or any issues to report 😉

Thanks !



BAM v6 is now available in the MP, enjoy it !


BAM v6 is now available in the MP so you should be able to update BAM. !

As any update of BAM your existing data should be preserved of course but prefer to backup your data to SkyDrive or your PC using the builtin BAM backup feature before to upgrade.

I added some new features in this build but also fixed some issues that I found or that you reported to me. BAM will list these new features at startup time if you do an update.

Notice that the trial version is not implementing anymore advertizing like in v5.20 but now comes back to a classic trial mode with so limited number of transactions or accounts created.

I really hope that you will enjoy this version and I encourage you to report me any issues you have or sugestions you would like to be implemented if they can be useful for all BAM users.

Thanks again for all your previous mails I received