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NOTE : BAM price will be increased in two weeks


the BAM pice (2,99 $/€) was never increased until now but the numerous and important features added in the application and in the latest version 6.10 justify that I increase the price

I will increase so in two weeks the price to 4,99 $/€ . BAM is a personal financial application which is also commonly used for business and which is considered by many as beeing one of the most complete and comprehensive of of the MP.
Its new price will remain reasonable seeing the possibility of the application.




BAM 6.10 was certified for the MP



just that post to infiorm you that version 6.10 had successfully passed certification for Windows Phone Marketplace and will be availbale in MP in next 24h.

It took some time to certify because a localisation issue and I had to implement some page displaying the privacy policy in BAM


Feel free to report me your feebacks or issues with that version



BAM 6.10 is published !


Just that post to inform you that I just published BAM v 6.10 in the MP ! 🙂
The app should be public in the MP in few days.

That version comes quite quickly after v6 but, as said in my previoust post,  I now decided to fix asap the remaining bugs that I found or that you report to me, and provides quickly an updated version.
I want you to have a great experience with BAM and that the application remains very stable.


– In that version I also worked hard to improve the speed of list groups expansion (it is now immediate the second time a group is expanded).

– I also added more order criterias to sort items in a group; until now the transactions in a group were mainly oredered by date only but since v6.10 you can choose a sort  criteria among a list of sort  criterias, depending of the current BAM list. This option gives you so again more flexibility to customize as you want any BAM list ! 😉

-I finally decided to allow customizing  more in depth the BAM colors of BAM lists : you can so now create your own color theme, choosing any custom color you want among a large list of colors ! To try that feature, just select the “Custom” theme color in the BAM settings page, and then edit it.

As usual, continue to contact me for suggestions or any issues to report 😉

Thanks again for all your valuable remarks  !