Monthly Archives: August 2012

BAM v6.30 was submited to MP



I just submited v6.30 to the MP with the following changes :

– Home button now present in each page to come back quickly and explicitely to the BAM welcome page.We can achieve that in previous versions using the  back key but the button make the app mored intuitive 😉

– Graphics hub improved  : simple buttons to scroll easely in large graphics, detailed legends, expenses/incomes on a same graphic bar , new “Upcopming balances” graphic report, etc..

– Deferred processing date calculation modified to reflect the real date configuration of Credit Cards.

– Shorter description in the welcome page tiles for more clarity.

– Possibility to pin in the BAM welcome screen any transactions page of a specific account, a payer, a post, or a budget.

– Can export now operations lists in QIF format.

– Fixed reported issues found in the previous version.


This version should be available in the MP as an update later this week.


Most of these new features and fixed came from BAM users so  your feedbacks and suggestions are always welcome !