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BAM v6.50 for WP7 and BAM for WP8 are now avail in the Store !



This post to inform you that BAM v6.50 is now available in the Store and its version for WP8 also !
I updated indeed BAM to use specific features of WP8 like new tiles format and speech support, so now we have two different versions in the Store , one for WP7 and one for WP8.


These are the new features of these two new versions :

– Global option to change BAM’s reference currency which is by default the phone currency.

– Global option to display either account’s balances using the currency of the account or the reference currency

– Global option to enable/disable the automatic retrieval of accounts currency rates

– Global option to enable/disable automatic retrieval of currency rates of new transactions

– New filter option to exclude transfers from filtered transactions

New to WP8 : Voice commands supported to show quickly a BAM page, create a new expense or income, list accounts balances, or list the next five upcoming transactions

New to WP8 : Support wide tiles.

– Fixed other previous reported issues


The new global options of these  versions come directly from your own suggestions so thanks a lot for your participation to BAM improvements !
As I said many times, if I think that your suggestions make sense for other users, I’m really opened to implement them (if possible of course) asap.


As usual, continue to contact me for any issues to report or features  you would like to add


Thanks !



BAM v6.40 is now available in the Windows Phone Store


Long time I did not update my BAM blog but I was quite busy finishing this latest version and working also on “BAM for Windows 8” using Modern UI style.
Indeed version 1.0 of BAM for Windows 8 should be finished end of that month; I will create later a post for that application.

That version 6.40 brings the following new features :

– Possibility to specify a number for a payment type which will be incremented for each new transaction (useful for cheques).
– The page of a new transaction was redesigned to simplify again the input of its properties.
– The  grouping “Tag” is now available  in the dashboard page so you can group your favorite items by your own criteria.
– Custom account type supported
– Global option to avoid password input after reactivation of BAM
– Global option to have a multi-color BAM home page (Display option)
– Fixed previous reported issues

That version marks also the begining of upcoming versions 8.x which will specific to Windows Phone 8.
So stay tuned , I will  release indeed later this month the version 8.0 for Windows Phone 8  with some specific features to Windows Phone 8 (Tiles, “Fast Resume” support, Voice recognition support).

As usual, feel free to send me your suggestions or any issues you could meet with that new version.