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Upcoming BAM v8.10 for WP8 and 6.60 for WP7 !



New upcoming version :

Just that new post to inform you that new version of BAM should be ready end of that week and published to the MP that week-end !

This version will bring major improvements in the new transaction page y busing AutoComplete TextBoxes instead of list selectors to select  the category, party, or budget
Entering a new transaction should be so much faster and more intuitive. This improvement was suggested by several BAM users and I found it was really needed to implement it.

I also added an option to configure a delay before to take in accounts the periodic transactions; I mean that  now you will be able to process periodic transactions based on their processing date minus N days (so for example 15 days bedore the processing date).
When the current date will be so the periodic transaction’s processing date minus that delay, a corresponding  “transaction instance” will be so created automatically in the pending transactions list.

I also fixed several issues that you reported to me like for example an error at  BAM startup when deactivating the BAM Agent; now  even with that agent disabled, BAM will start gracefully.

I would like again to thank all of you who reported me issues and suggestions; each new version of BAM is so really improved


Next steps :


As I replied to some BAM users who asked me the question : yes I’m currently  porting BAM to a W8 modern app  and I have a working version !
I need however now more time  to first improve its UI interface, and most important to implement an efficient synchronization mecanism to synchronize easily and quickly WP BAM data with BAM PC.
I will keep you informed on this blog when that version should be ready (v1.0 shoudl be ready for February I think)


Thanks !



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