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problem with autocomplete fields in WP7.5




Some users complained about a problem to select payee in the new autocomplete fields of BAM 6.60.. It seems this problem of sélection is specific to BAM for WPhone 7.5, because  it works fine in BAM for WP8 !

Anyway I decided to fix that problem immediately  by mixing in both next versions 8.20 and 6.70 these autocomplete fields with selectors buttons present in the old version. I am sure you will really appreciate that time the new transaction page in that upcoming versions which will mix so  both input systems. I will publish these two  fixed version that week end and it should be able then one week later in the store.

I really apologize for that issue and that bad experience which remains, I insist , specific to WP7.5




BAM and other mobile platforms


I received several requests recently asking if BAM is available on a different mobile Platform than WP like Android for example.

The answer is NO  for the main reason that I don’t know Android and so don’t know how to develop on Android.
I don’t have any plan to port BAM to Android for example; BAM graphic interface was initially architectured and designed specifically for Windows Phone and it would take me a huge amount of time to first learn developing on another mobile platform and second to port completly the BAM UI.

So if you consider that BAM is a MUST app for you , remember that you will have to find a BAM replacement on another mobile Platform 😉

Now, as I mentioned in prevous post, I’m logically porting BAM to Windows 8 simply because the development model is the same ! of course I have to change the UI but lof of the BAM code can be reused.


BAM 8.10 (WP8) and 6.60 (WP7) pending certification



Just that post to inform you that  the new version of BAM should be available this week in the store.
This new version  was delayed because previous submision failed the certification stage for a lack of privacy message informing the usage of location when you enable location detection in a new transaction, but I fixed that issue so I hope that submission will be successfull.

See my previous post for its new features ;the main new feature being  the new page design when entering a new transaction; it should allow to enter more quickly again a new expense or income !

In that new version, I fixed all issues that BAM users reported  to me


Keep an eye on your upcoming App updates so