Monthly Archives: February 2013

BAM v8.20 and 6.70 submitted to store (fix the WP7 AutoComplete fields issue and reuse selection buttons in the new transaction page)


FYI I  just submited for certification to the store a new BAM version for WP7 and  WP8.
That version fixes an issue you reported to me on WP7 with AutoComplete fields and reuses selection buttons in the  “new transaction”  page so you will have now both AutoComplete fields and selection buttons present in that page to choose quickly a payee/payer, post, and budget; It should satisfy now all users ! 🙂
I also fixed an issue on that new version  related to the “(Not Defined)” entry in the payees, posts and budgets lists; previous versions of BAM added indeed  sometimes duplicated “Not Defined” entries in these lists.
Finally I added the possibility to have the estimated balance at the end of current month

That new version should be available in the store in few days