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BAM 9 submission delayed by a Windows Phone Store issue


new  version of BAM is ready and I’m sure you will really appreciate its new features !

Furthermore it fixes some anoying bugs remaining in current version like an incorrect serialization of the reference currency or the impossibility to change the currency of a CC account not linked to a checking account.

Unfortunately an issue in the Store prevents currently my update submission so I hope that MS will fix that quickly

I informed you once I will be ready to submit the update.

Thansk for your patience



BAM Vnext quite finished



I”m happy to inform you that BAM vnext is quite finished now

In this version you will find the new features below :

– possibility to split  an operation into sub-operations (requested by several BAM users)

– SkyDrive backup does not need anymore a signing button

– can now backup your data locally on phone  in different backup sets

– possibility to schedule  an automatic backup at each BAM startup  or BAM activation  to backup  your data periodically to phone or SkyDrive

– Fixed issue  about the reference currency  incorrectly perssisted

– Fixed the impossibility to select a currency for a CC account not linked to a checking account

– Fixed issues with QIF files parsing


That version should be finished end of  week and avail in the store few days later


Thanks again to all your feedbacks and bug reports !



BAM Author