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BAM vnext upcoming


next version of BAM is quite finished !

I implemented two main new features which was suggested by a BAM user and that I found useful to add :

– A calculator is now integrated in the new transaction page and allows quickly to do some calculations around the amount to enter

– You will have the possibility to create transactions based a template, i.e based on favorite frequent transactions. You could so create frequent transactions by just entering the description of the transaction, and BAM will remember the last transaction created for that description.

I will explain more in details these two new features

I will so published that version probably that week end.




BAM 9.10 and 7.10 are published



just that post to inform you that BAM certification was successful  and that the new BAM update was just published so.

You should see so quickly this update in your app update notifications.


This version provides new features and fixes below :

– new transaction page re-arranged for more clarity

–  budgets items are redesigned

– possibility to add a currency

– the date to calculate the budgets can be changed in the settings of the budgets page

– you have now a global option to put or not  the focus on the “Amount” field at the “new transaction” page  display

– fixed the bug preventing to add items in the dashboard

– fixed a side effect issue when validating the reconciliation page


Except to fix important issues, I don’t expect to release frequent BAM WP7/WP8 updates now because  I will focus my development on BAM for W8 (see my previous post)


As usual, feel free to use BAM send mail feature to contact me  if you have any  issues, questions, or suggestions



BAM WP8 vnext pending certification – BAM W8 still in development

Hello !


– Long time I did not update my blog  with  BAM updates news and I apologize for that, but I’m facing  some difficulties with  new Windows Store policies for  financial apps.
Indeed, some new polices related to the financial apps were introduced in the Windows Store certification process and are delaying my next update.
I had to submit a documentation to the Windows Phone Store team detailing what is  BAM and what it is doing, and detailing how BAM is protecting privacy and encrypting its data during export/import or backup/restore statements. I hope really now that this level of information will be enough to have BAM certified soon so I could continue my next updates.


– Many BAM users asked me if a W8 app will be available to synchronize data with BAM on the phone.
I already replied  few months ago that a such W8 BAM was pending development  and I had progressed quickly, but I must admit that I had to make a pause then.
I’m happy however to inform you  that I will restart very soon its development, hoping to have a first release for September; I noticed that some new WP8 financial apps provide a W8 app – even if they do not bring all the power and features of BAM –  so I’m very motivated to continue this development.
The most difficult part of that development is the synchronization process which must be able to retrieve  for example on W8, via SkyDrive,  the new expense/incomes added  on WP8, or vice-versa.


I will let you know as soon as  possible when BAM next update will be certified and will keep you informed of my progress on the W8 app

Thanks again for all your mails received