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BAM 9.20 is now avail on the store !



I inform you  that the new release BAM is just available on the store since yesterday.

To be honest I  am very satisfied with that version 9.20 and specially the favorite transaction feature.
That feature was suggested by one BAM user who found it useful in another app (that he is not using anymore since he tried BAM 😉
I really tried to implement that feature to be sure the creation and reuse of favorite transactions will remains very easy and intuitive, and I really hoe that you will find also that feature easy to use.
For me that feature is very powerful because it allows to create very quickly some specific frequent transactions.
The possibility to pin in the welcome phone screen such favorite transaction is also a plus.

That new version of BAM provides also  now a calculator immediately accessible in the page to add a new transaction, as it was a recurrent request I received from BAM users, and I hope also there that you will appreciate its integration in the page.

As you can see I listen carefully to all BAM users who suggest me some features or changes. so please continue to send me your feedbacks and suggestions and I promise to reply each time and evaluate your

Some users report me lot of errors when opening pictures captured when adding  new transactions and I promise I fix them very soon in a new release that I will publish end of next week  I hope.


To finish that post, I would like to say that development of BAM for W8 progresses well; there is yet a lot of work to do before the first version but I am confident that I can release it in next 4 months.



Jp Auconie
BAM Author