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BAM 9.30 upcoming – lot of changes !



Long time I did not update the BAM blog !

I apologize for that delay but I was quite busy to manage all nice suggestions and issues you have reported :-).


I spent long time these past week to update BAM implementing some great suggestions received and fixing some different issues.

I’m very pleased so to inform you that that version is finished and is in final testing now !
I thought initially to publish it this week-end but I had again to fix some few things so I will publish it probably in the middle of this week.
As usual it should be then available in the WP store in the next 5 days (I hope).


That version is a majore one as it brings lot of changes mainly  in the UI and the navigation but it fixes also some few issues that you reported.


– Nw ‘profile’ feature : you can create now different profiles of BAM data; for example a professtional profile and a user profile.
a profile is just a complete and independant set of BAM data (accounts, transactions, payees, categories, budgets,reports,etc..).
You can have one profile loaded at a time and change in one click.

– Welcome menu simplified with its own display options to avoid confusion and complexity

– Better navigation in the UI, swipe gestures between some lists only when needed

–  Fixes some issues with end of month dates in budgets and balances calculation

– can allow to enter periodic operations in the past

– creation date and processing date are now correct when creating splitting transaction

– Etc…


I will update that post when this version will be available in the store


Thanks again for all your suggestions and remarks