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BAM 9.40 published


– I just published yesterday 9.40.
As you can notice this update comes quite quickly after the previous version 9.35. I received indeed many suggestions of new features/improvements and some issues to fix so  I worked a lot these past weeks to produce quickly that build and not introducing too much delay betwen updates. I improved mainly some processes like the Archives creation/load and the Reconciliation process.
I provided also some new list settings to choose the size of groups and elements caption in each list, to bring a better UI experience for people having small screen size for example.
I fixed also an issue occuring when you use BAM with light  theme selected (the picker on top of page are incorrectly displayed in this configuration).

– I will make a pause now in BAM dev for WP8 because I would like to spend more time on BAM for W8.
As some of you know, it became obvious to port BAM on W8. The two platforms, different in  their UI,  offer however the same Development paradigm (XAP and C# usage).
My challenge now is to offer the same level of UI experience on BAM W8, even if the UI interface on W8 is really different than on WP8.
Some UI controls used by BAMWP8 are not present on W8 (no Pivot control for example) so I spend most of my time on this UI aspect of BAM on W8. What is more challenging again is to implement a synchronization process between BAM on WP8 and BAM on W8 to be able to see on your phone the transactions that you created and W8 or vice-versa. Believe me, it is not so trivial ! 🙂

– I used recently the BETA chanel of WP Development Center to send quickly to selected BAM users some BETA versions of BAM.
This chanel is really easy to use and allows to exchange quickly between BAM users and me and get feedbacks trying a BETA version.

Please, feel free to contact me on  if you want to be added in the list of BAM BETA testers !

Continue please to contact me if you have issues to report or suggestions and , as I already said, if I think your suggestions  make sense for all the BAM community,  I will implement them.

Thanks !

JP Auconie
BAM Author