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BAM v9.50 (WP8) and v10.12 (WP81) are published: Thank you for your contribution !


sorry for my long absence on BAM blog but I spent so much time on BAM updates these past months that I did not take additional time to update my BAM blog.
I will try so to update it more frequently now.

BAM updates

I just released one week ago latest versions for both WP8 and WP81 versions of BAM.
I manage indeed two “branches” now for BAM, one targeting Windows Phone 8.0, and one targeting Windows Phone 8.1.
These two branches generates for me more work because all changes I make on one branch need to be ported to the other, if of course the changes are not specific to WP 8.1 for example, but I prefer to have two branches of code instead of a unique code using some parts specific  to some version of WP.

I hope that you will like the new features I added in latest versions, mainly the date selectors  allowing to specify the futur balance date and the projection date to calculate the futur amounts of categories, payees, and budgets.  You can so very quickly estimate your expenses in the futur and have details on their repartition.

I added also some “display” options to put the group titles and amounts in bold for exemple or to change the groups spacing.
Even if these display settings  can appear as “gadgets”, they can make really the pages display more readable..
I added finally the possibility to configure a range of specific dates for a periodic transaction. You can so add multiple specific processing dates for a periodic transaction; it gives again more flexibility to the configuration of recurrent transactions.
Remember that the goal of BAM  is always to provide you lot of flexbility  in the usage of the app. I want indeed that every BAM user to be able to customize the app according to their own needs.


I received lot of feedbacks from you , BAM users, and I would like to thank you a lot ! 🙂
As you noticed, lot of features implemented in BAM came from your own suggestions.
When you report me a suggestion, I will always reply to you and will inform you honestly if I will implement or not the suggestion.
Please continue so report me your suggestions and also the possible problems you are facing; I fix always some issues in a new BAM version but BAM is not yet free bug 😉

Documentation :

BAM provides some integrated help for almost all its pages and provide also a complete integrated documentation in HTML format. However  I admit that this HTML doc is very old  as some of you reported.I will take time so to update these HTML documentations to match with the latest versions.

vNext :

Some of you suggested to me to implement in next versions more powerful custom filters allowing for example to select multiple catageories, payees, or budgets or selecting multiple accounts.
I’m still thinking about the possibility to do that and the impact on existing custom filters.
As you maybe noticed I introduced some small rgeressions in recent published versions that I immediately fixed after you reported them to me, so each time I add new features or changes in  some existing fetaures, I need to be very careful to not break something !

Some of you also suggsted to improve the the graphic reports hub.
I’m ready to do that but I neeed to think about the pertinent reports to add or the best way to improve the existing graphic reports..

BAM on W8

I know that I already blogged about that topic, anouncing probably a version for the end of 2013 but I was really too optimist.
I prefer to be honest: I did not have time at all this year to progress on the development of BAM for W8. I have currently some sort of “working” version but I need to add and change lot of things before to achieve a version 1.0 ready to be published and public.
However, I will cleary put a high priority on that development next months knowing that BAM for WP is quite complete now even if there is always a place for improvement.


I would like also to thank you for your average excellent ratings.
I would prefer really to have more ratings including comments as it really motivates me to continue on BAM updates.The ratings remain quite rare so please take one or two minutes to rate BAM.



Thanks again for all your suggestions and bugs reported, and your positive feedbacks on BAM.

Feel free to continue contatcting me if you have any requests and I will be pleased to exchange with you.

JP Auconie

BAM Author