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BAM was “unpublished by Microsoft” 05/12 (republished 05/19)


BAM was unpublished by Microsoft 05/12 and a ticket was opened at that time with Microsoft Store Support to know the reason.
Microsoft Support team replied explaining that BAM failed for the policy 10.5.2 :


Your app can publish a customer’s personal information to an outside service or another person only after obtaining opt-in consent. Opt-in consent means the customer gives their express permission in the app user interface for the requested activity, after you have:

(a) described to the customer how the information will be accessed, used or shared; and

(b) provided the customer a mechanism in the app user interface through which they can later rescind this permission and opt-out.


BAM is now republished again.

Even if I already display (during its first usage) in BAM a detailed page explaining how the application keeps your privacy and does not exchange your data outside the phone by default (export and  backup), it seems it is not enough and that I have to ask for user approval to allow that backup or export statements.
I will so fix asap that issue in a new version asking BAM users for their permission to enable exporting or backing-up BAM data.

For your information, BAM is present in the Windows Phone store since end of 2010 after the Launch of WP, is localized in 5 languages and respected until now all policies of the store, especially in term of privacy.
its UI, its level of customization, options, and features made it a popular budget application.

I apologize for the generated inconvenience and the delay you had to face if you had to reinstall BAM during that period, and I will publish asap a new version respecting Policy 10.5.2.


JP Auconie.
BAM Author.