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BAM for Windows 10 pending development


looong time I did not post on my blog !  sorry for that but I was really too busy with my job an some personal stuff.

I receive more and more requests asking me if BAM will be ported to Windows 10, and if yes when.

I can confirm you that BAM  is in pending development for Windows 10 and I’m satisfied by the progress !
The new Universal development model of Windows 10 requiring only on code for all W10 devices including phones which simplifies drastically the development.
I must admit that I spent a hard and long time to port my non-UI BAM code to my UWP project because of the new .NET framework and the big changes of the WINRT libraries. I had for example to develop an helper class just for all my Input/Output statements because lot of IO functions of WINRT are now Async.
Now, all my serialization/deserialization code is working.

I have now to recreate all the UI of BAM, but the new layout controls of UWP allow to create quickly real adaptative UI.
I just finished implementing all my lists and the BAM main menu and I started to re-create all my pages to add new account, transaction, category, payee/payer, and budget.  Once I will be able to add in the UI each item of BAM,  I will implement the BAM Settings  page and the OneDrive Synchronisation and will tune the UI.

Lot of works remain so but I’m really satisfied with the progress. I hope to be able to release a first version for end of this year.

I will update more frequently my blog now to give you a  status on this pending development

Thanks !