BAM for Windows 10 pending development


looong time I did not post on my blog !  sorry for that but I was really too busy with my job an some personal stuff.

I receive more and more requests asking me if BAM will be ported to Windows 10, and if yes when.

I can confirm you that BAM  is in pending development for Windows 10 and I’m satisfied by the progress !
The new Universal development model of Windows 10 requiring only on code for all W10 devices including phones which simplifies drastically the development.
I must admit that I spent a hard and long time to port my non-UI BAM code to my UWP project because of the new .NET framework and the big changes of the WINRT libraries. I had for example to develop an helper class just for all my Input/Output statements because lot of IO functions of WINRT are now Async.
Now, all my serialization/deserialization code is working.

I have now to recreate all the UI of BAM, but the new layout controls of UWP allow to create quickly real adaptative UI.
I just finished implementing all my lists and the BAM main menu and I started to re-create all my pages to add new account, transaction, category, payee/payer, and budget.  Once I will be able to add in the UI each item of BAM,  I will implement the BAM Settings  page and the OneDrive Synchronisation and will tune the UI.

Lot of works remain so but I’m really satisfied with the progress. I hope to be able to release a first version for end of this year.

I will update more frequently my blog now to give you a  status on this pending development

Thanks !










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  1. Cool !!!! C’est vrai que ça manque sur Windows 10, pour avoir quelque chose de plus complet. Je commençais à regarder ce qui ce fait ailleurs, je vais encore attendre alors, car ayant un petit historique sur BAM depuis 2011, je n’ai pas envie de tout perdre.
    Pressé que ce soit compatible Windows 10

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