I am Jean-Pierre Auconie and have been working at Microsoft France since 1992 in Customer Support & Services.

I am what we call internally at Microsoft, an ‘Escalation Engineer’ supporting our customers in BizTalk and SharePoint developments.
I decided to start a personal development on WP as I found this OS very exciting and its UI nice to use and I have to admit that now my  ATIV S is my best travelling companion !

I was surprised to find that development on WP was quite fast and easy if you already know C# and are familiar with codehind.

I recognised however that I had to spend a significant amount of time learning Silverlight and, when I see all its capabilities, I realise that I know very little at the moment, but my knowledge and understanding of its power is getting better every day.

With the release of Mango, developing on WP became really interesting as there was so much more possibility for controlling integrated apps.

Why BAM?

I started this app in November 2010 with the idea of being able to enter on my phone, anywhere and at any time, my personal or professional expenses (or income) in just a few seconds and to always be able to forecast my account(s) balance at any given date, based on my recurrent transactions.

In my job I frequently have to generate expense reports, so I decided to include an Export feature to export them in a .CSV file easily.

When developing BAM I have always had three key words in mind:

– Easy

– Fast

– Flexible

I hope that you will find good reason to use this app and I am open to your feedback and suggestions for its improvement!


  1. Faidon Pistof

    Dear Jean-Pierre,

    Can you please tell me how to delete easily ALL the example transactions that are in the program?
    Thank you

    • Hello Faidon,

      just keep press an account in the accounts list to display its context menu and select the “Delete” action to delete the pressed account and all its reconciled and pending transactions.

      If you want to keep the account but delete only its transactions, just keep ressed each pending transaction to display their context menu and select the “Delete” action.

      Hope my explanations are enough clear, feel free to ping otherwise

      Thanks to use BAM !


  2. Hi, is it possible to import Microsoft Money data, and if so would a sync with Money be a possibility for a future version?



  3. Hello Jean-Pierre,
    I wonder if I can review all my expenses during a certain period in BAM, or all my income during a certain period? I couldn’t find a way to do this 😦

  4. Dear Jean Pierre,

    I’ve found rather disturbing problem in BAM v.8.20. I’m a long time user, but can’t say if it exists in previous versions.

    If I create a transaction with payment type “transfer to registered account” and then change its amount in one account, it won’t change in second one! I have to change both accounts or BAM gives me incorrect results.

  5. Hello Jean Pierre,

    I think I might have a serious problem. I have just entered new transaction and after I pressed Apply, new error message appeared, which I unfortunately did not read. After that all my transactions in current account have disappeared, except the last one.
    I did not purge any transactions in this account for almost a year, could that be the problem?
    And is there any hope I can get my transactions back?

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