This page  gives access to BAM PC tool  “BAMSYNC.EXE”  which allow BAM to transfer its data files to/from a PC.

This tool must be started on your PC and in “listening” mode before to start any backup, restore, import and export statements on BAM !

The steps to use it are simple :

When the tool is started, it will display the following information :

– Server
The tool will display here the IP address of the PC.
You must enter this IP address (or the PC name) in the “Connected computer” field in BAM “backup & restore” or “import & export” pages of your phone (export is available only since version 4.30)

– Port
The tool will display here an available port number to establish the communication with BAM  on the phone.
You must enter this port number in the “Port” field of the “backup & restore” and “import & export” phone pages of BAM on the phone.
If you have any errors when the tool will be in listening mode, then try to change this port to enter a new free number.

– Encryt/Decrypt Password
You must enter here a password you will choose.
You must enter this SAME password  in the “Encrypt/decrypt pwd” field of the “backup & restore” and “import & export” phone pages of BAM on the phone.

– Folder containing BAM backup files
The tool will display a default path pointing to a folder which will receive the BAM files to be saved.
You can keep the default folder path or modify it to enter a new existing one.

– Folder to receive Exported BAM files
The tool will display a default path pointing to a sub folder “Export”.
You can keep this path and the sub-folder “Export” will be created automatically by the tool when receiving files from the phone.

– Folder containing OFX files to import
The tool will display a default path pointing to a folder where you can put OFX files to be imported on the phone.
You can keep the default folder path or modify it to enter a new existing one.

Once all these fields are correctly filled, just click on the button “Start Listening Phone” and the tool will be ready to exchange files with BAM on the phone.

During a transfer, the Status list below the button will display all the details of a transfer and will report any errors found.

To download the tool:

– Go the Skydrive link below
– Click on the compressed file BAMSYNC.ZIP and save it in a folder of your PC
– Extract the file BAMSYNC.EXE and run it!105

If you have any questions or problems with this tool, feel free to contact BAM Support sending a mail to



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