BAM 9.10 and 7.10 are published



just that post to inform you that BAM certification was successful  and that the new BAM update was just published so.

You should see so quickly this update in your app update notifications.


This version provides new features and fixes below :

– new transaction page re-arranged for more clarity

–  budgets items are redesigned

– possibility to add a currency

– the date to calculate the budgets can be changed in the settings of the budgets page

– you have now a global option to put or not  the focus on the “Amount” field at the “new transaction” page  display

– fixed the bug preventing to add items in the dashboard

– fixed a side effect issue when validating the reconciliation page


Except to fix important issues, I don’t expect to release frequent BAM WP7/WP8 updates now because  I will focus my development on BAM for W8 (see my previous post)


As usual, feel free to use BAM send mail feature to contact me  if you have any  issues, questions, or suggestions




BAM WP8 vnext pending certification – BAM W8 still in development

Hello !


– Long time I did not update my blog  with  BAM updates news and I apologize for that, but I’m facing  some difficulties with  new Windows Store policies for  financial apps.
Indeed, some new polices related to the financial apps were introduced in the Windows Store certification process and are delaying my next update.
I had to submit a documentation to the Windows Phone Store team detailing what is  BAM and what it is doing, and detailing how BAM is protecting privacy and encrypting its data during export/import or backup/restore statements. I hope really now that this level of information will be enough to have BAM certified soon so I could continue my next updates.


– Many BAM users asked me if a W8 app will be available to synchronize data with BAM on the phone.
I already replied  few months ago that a such W8 BAM was pending development  and I had progressed quickly, but I must admit that I had to make a pause then.
I’m happy however to inform you  that I will restart very soon its development, hoping to have a first release for September; I noticed that some new WP8 financial apps provide a W8 app – even if they do not bring all the power and features of BAM –  so I’m very motivated to continue this development.
The most difficult part of that development is the synchronization process which must be able to retrieve  for example on W8, via SkyDrive,  the new expense/incomes added  on WP8, or vice-versa.


I will let you know as soon as  possible when BAM next update will be certified and will keep you informed of my progress on the W8 app

Thanks again for all your mails received



BAM 9 submission delayed by a Windows Phone Store issue


new  version of BAM is ready and I’m sure you will really appreciate its new features !

Furthermore it fixes some anoying bugs remaining in current version like an incorrect serialization of the reference currency or the impossibility to change the currency of a CC account not linked to a checking account.

Unfortunately an issue in the Store prevents currently my update submission so I hope that MS will fix that quickly

I informed you once I will be ready to submit the update.

Thansk for your patience


BAM Vnext quite finished



I”m happy to inform you that BAM vnext is quite finished now

In this version you will find the new features below :

– possibility to split  an operation into sub-operations (requested by several BAM users)

– SkyDrive backup does not need anymore a signing button

– can now backup your data locally on phone  in different backup sets

– possibility to schedule  an automatic backup at each BAM startup  or BAM activation  to backup  your data periodically to phone or SkyDrive

– Fixed issue  about the reference currency  incorrectly perssisted

– Fixed the impossibility to select a currency for a CC account not linked to a checking account

– Fixed issues with QIF files parsing


That version should be finished end of  week and avail in the store few days later


Thanks again to all your feedbacks and bug reports !



BAM Author

BAM v8.20 and 6.70 submitted to store (fix the WP7 AutoComplete fields issue and reuse selection buttons in the new transaction page)


FYI I  just submited for certification to the store a new BAM version for WP7 and  WP8.
That version fixes an issue you reported to me on WP7 with AutoComplete fields and reuses selection buttons in the  “new transaction”  page so you will have now both AutoComplete fields and selection buttons present in that page to choose quickly a payee/payer, post, and budget; It should satisfy now all users ! 🙂
I also fixed an issue on that new version  related to the “(Not Defined)” entry in the payees, posts and budgets lists; previous versions of BAM added indeed  sometimes duplicated “Not Defined” entries in these lists.
Finally I added the possibility to have the estimated balance at the end of current month

That new version should be available in the store in few days



problem with autocomplete fields in WP7.5




Some users complained about a problem to select payee in the new autocomplete fields of BAM 6.60.. It seems this problem of sélection is specific to BAM for WPhone 7.5, because  it works fine in BAM for WP8 !

Anyway I decided to fix that problem immediately  by mixing in both next versions 8.20 and 6.70 these autocomplete fields with selectors buttons present in the old version. I am sure you will really appreciate that time the new transaction page in that upcoming versions which will mix so  both input systems. I will publish these two  fixed version that week end and it should be able then one week later in the store.

I really apologize for that issue and that bad experience which remains, I insist , specific to WP7.5



BAM and other mobile platforms


I received several requests recently asking if BAM is available on a different mobile Platform than WP like Android for example.

The answer is NO  for the main reason that I don’t know Android and so don’t know how to develop on Android.
I don’t have any plan to port BAM to Android for example; BAM graphic interface was initially architectured and designed specifically for Windows Phone and it would take me a huge amount of time to first learn developing on another mobile platform and second to port completly the BAM UI.

So if you consider that BAM is a MUST app for you , remember that you will have to find a BAM replacement on another mobile Platform 😉

Now, as I mentioned in prevous post, I’m logically porting BAM to Windows 8 simply because the development model is the same ! of course I have to change the UI but lof of the BAM code can be reused.


BAM 8.10 (WP8) and 6.60 (WP7) pending certification



Just that post to inform you that  the new version of BAM should be available this week in the store.
This new version  was delayed because previous submision failed the certification stage for a lack of privacy message informing the usage of location when you enable location detection in a new transaction, but I fixed that issue so I hope that submission will be successfull.

See my previous post for its new features ;the main new feature being  the new page design when entering a new transaction; it should allow to enter more quickly again a new expense or income !

In that new version, I fixed all issues that BAM users reported  to me


Keep an eye on your upcoming App updates so



Upcoming BAM v8.10 for WP8 and 6.60 for WP7 !



New upcoming version :

Just that new post to inform you that new version of BAM should be ready end of that week and published to the MP that week-end !

This version will bring major improvements in the new transaction page y busing AutoComplete TextBoxes instead of list selectors to select  the category, party, or budget
Entering a new transaction should be so much faster and more intuitive. This improvement was suggested by several BAM users and I found it was really needed to implement it.

I also added an option to configure a delay before to take in accounts the periodic transactions; I mean that  now you will be able to process periodic transactions based on their processing date minus N days (so for example 15 days bedore the processing date).
When the current date will be so the periodic transaction’s processing date minus that delay, a corresponding  “transaction instance” will be so created automatically in the pending transactions list.

I also fixed several issues that you reported to me like for example an error at  BAM startup when deactivating the BAM Agent; now  even with that agent disabled, BAM will start gracefully.

I would like again to thank all of you who reported me issues and suggestions; each new version of BAM is so really improved


Next steps :


As I replied to some BAM users who asked me the question : yes I’m currently  porting BAM to a W8 modern app  and I have a working version !
I need however now more time  to first improve its UI interface, and most important to implement an efficient synchronization mecanism to synchronize easily and quickly WP BAM data with BAM PC.
I will keep you informed on this blog when that version should be ready (v1.0 shoudl be ready for February I think)


Thanks !



BAM Author

BAM v6.50 for WP7 and BAM for WP8 are now avail in the Store !



This post to inform you that BAM v6.50 is now available in the Store and its version for WP8 also !
I updated indeed BAM to use specific features of WP8 like new tiles format and speech support, so now we have two different versions in the Store , one for WP7 and one for WP8.


These are the new features of these two new versions :

– Global option to change BAM’s reference currency which is by default the phone currency.

– Global option to display either account’s balances using the currency of the account or the reference currency

– Global option to enable/disable the automatic retrieval of accounts currency rates

– Global option to enable/disable automatic retrieval of currency rates of new transactions

– New filter option to exclude transfers from filtered transactions

New to WP8 : Voice commands supported to show quickly a BAM page, create a new expense or income, list accounts balances, or list the next five upcoming transactions

New to WP8 : Support wide tiles.

– Fixed other previous reported issues


The new global options of these  versions come directly from your own suggestions so thanks a lot for your participation to BAM improvements !
As I said many times, if I think that your suggestions make sense for other users, I’m really opened to implement them (if possible of course) asap.


As usual, continue to contact me for any issues to report or features  you would like to add


Thanks !