BAM Vnext

In the next version of BAM I will fix the errors that some users reported to me when opening photos created when adding new transaction.


  1. Hello, your app is exactly what I wanted, I am a satisfied customer so far.
    I wonder if you plan to make a Windows 8 Metro application out of it?

    • Hell Philipp,

      I’m really pleased to see that you find useful BAM

      yes I’m currently porting BAM to Metro on Windows 8 😉
      but there is of work to do about the UI interace.
      Indeed I already ported the BAM engine to Windows 8 Metro and non graphics parts but I need now to port the UI interface and be sure it is integrating well in Metro to give a nice experience.
      I will update my blog when I will have of course a first version available !.


      • Swell!
        It’s great to hear feedback from developer.
        Actually there’s one thing that I’d like to change – weeks. I think it would be nice to have an option replacing weeks with months and/or remove them at all. Financial institutions in my country don’t use weeks as measurement media, so they are somewhat confusing to me.

        Keep up a good work!

      • Found the setting, sorry, my bad!

  2. Great app! I’ve been a Quicken user for more than ten years and I was looking for something to replace that and this app is the best substitute so far. Quicken requires me to use a laptop, which is at home, mostly, this I can use on the fly wherever I am. Actually it’s more than a substitute, It’s better.

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