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V3 is published ! – VNext ?

V3 is published ! I mean it is waiting now for the certification which should be done in 2/3 days  I hope.

I would like to  thank a lot Stoley, a BAM user who posted a comment on my blog with lot of great suggestions and some bugs  to fix ! I think indeed that these suggestions that I implemented in V3 will allow now to use also BAM for  business purpose and not only as a personal bank accounts management app. Thanks so Stoley  for your precious contribution to V3 and for your numerous exchanges with me to finalize V3 !

So what will be the focus for Vnext  ?

Well in Vnext  I will mainly focus on the only feature really still missing in BAM: graphs !Several of BAM users like Stoley pushed me to include that and it is became an obvious need, so I let you know when I will finish to implement them.

Other ideas but less urgent are:

– Possibility to export BAM data in XML (as I did initially in v 1.0 in backup statement) so you can develop any app then reading these XMLs on the PC
– Add some quick “search” and “sort by” options in the lists
– Improve   bindings perfs of the lists

In the meantime, feel fre to give me your feedbacks on V3 when it will be avail in the MP  and report me the bugs you could find

Thanks !



V3 is ready !


I just finished V3 and I can say that I’m very satisfied of this version which bring really lot of new features and some of them come directly from your own suggestions ! so a big thank to all BAM users who reported me bugs and suggested me improvements !

Let me list below these features :

– Display now 4 different type of balances in the Account  list with a clear help page explaining each balance.

– Possibility via a button to switch between 2 display modes in the lists, the classic detailed mode where lot of info is displayed per operation, and a simple mode showing only two lines per operation.This mode allow so to list until 6 operations per page.

– Possibility to capture a photo during the  creation or edition of a pending operation.Useful to make a photo a receipt ! each item containing a photo will display  a camera icon near its caption and you can click on it to show immediately the photo 🙂

– Possibility to specify a payee or payer for each new pending operation so now you can specify a post, a budget but also a payee/payer for each operation.
Filters settings allow now to filter operations on payee/payers.

– You can select now among  3 types of filters in the filter page: Custom, Posts, and Payees/Payers. This powerfull feature  allow you to see quickly which total and operations are assigned to a filter in one of these 3 categories !

– Reconciled operations can now be archived  when they are purged based on a range of date and not only purged as before.Each archive file will be then selectable into the account pivot view to be loaded on demand; you will be able so consult quickly any archive file you want.

– Change the way to show an edit an operation :  when you select an operation  you can see now in a a new list all the details of an operation and edit or delete it if neeed  

– Reconcilied operations can now be edited (Several of you suggested me that)

– When pressing a filter or a budget, its is automatically refreshed

– Deferred operations for a specific account are now visible in the Account Pivot view

– A warning message suggest you now periodically to backup your BAM data using the BAM backup procedure 

– BAM is now available in Italian in addition to English, French, and Spanish, and coming soon…German !

 – Fixed a bug showing all operations into the account pivot view instead of only the operations imputed to an account

I hope really so that you will enjoy this version 3 and that it will help you to use BAM even for business purpose and not only for personal finance.

I will publish it probably end of this week so if MS certif guys are nice we can expect to see the app available as an update end of next week 😉

Thanks again for your feedbacks and suggestions !