Monthly Archives: July 2012

BAM 6.20 delayed

Microsoft certified today BAM 6.20 submission  but I just identified unfortunately some regressions which have to be fixed before to publish it to the MP, so BAM 6.20 will not be available in the MP before end of July.

Sorry for that delay but I want to be sure that each BAM update does not bring regressions !.

FYI these are the new features of 6.20 :

– Global option to display the new balance for each pending or upcoming transaction.

– Automatic retrieval of currency rate of foreign accounts at BAM startup.

– Photo attachment was improved and each captured photo for a new transaction is now saved in the “Recorded Pictures ” album, so a BAM restore statement will keep the links to the saved photos.

– Each Payee/Payer can define a default targeted account and payment type which will be selected for a new transacton.

– List items templates redesigned for more clarity

– The new transaction page was redesigned for more clarity and quick input

– The graphics hub displays now the value of each graphic bar