Monthly Archives: May 2016

BAM Universal 1.0 is now released !


I’m excited to inform you that BAM Universal 1.0 is now released and published in the Windows Store

BAM Universal was in BETA since December and with the help of BETA testers, I was able to complete the release version before June.

I have to admit that I’m quite proud of this version; I spend indeed lot of time to design its UI to make it very intuitive I think and adaptive for all W10 devices, and believe me it was not a trivial task 😉
In its free version, BAM Universal is fully operational but  some features are disabled An In-Purchase package can be acquired to enable all his features and make it a powerful budget app.

This version of BAM Universal is the first public version, so please be indulgent with the problems that you might encounter and do not hesitate to contact me to share your frustration before to rate.. 😏
BAM Universal will be indeed updated very often to fix any bugs reported but also to implement any useful features suggested by you, users.

In the next weeks,  I will write additional posts describing this Universal version and its features, so stay tuned !

I would like to thank again BETA testers and also all BAM users who motivated me to write this Universal version

JP Auconie
BAM Author